Beverage Services

Beverage Services

Our professional, knowledgeable bartenders add a sophisticated touch to any private event.

Full Cocktail Bar: Using four to six basic types of liquor and an assortment of mixers, we can serve an enormous variety of the most popular drinks.  From martinis to margaritas, our tasty libations are sure to put miles on faces at your next event.

Wine and Beer: Simple wine and beer service is the most affordable option for any party.  We can make recommendations on types and brands to fit your group, menu, and budget.  We provide professional service, including table service of wine for your next formal event.

Specialty Drinks: Many clients request a special drink to fit  their event.  From a bride desiring elegant cocktails that match her wedding colors, to a corporate client wanting a signature drink to go along with their event theme, to a holiday party host looking for special cocktails inspired by the season.  Simply ask us for some suggestions, and we will gladly help find the perfect drink for your event.

Variations and Themes: By adding just one or two more liquors or mixers to a standard bar, we can add even more fun to your next event.  Fresh Mojitos, spicy Moscow Mules, fruity Appletinis and Bahama Mamas, and flavored Margaritas are just a few of our common requests.  We can recommend something tasty and fun to help make your next party a success.

Blended Drinks: On request, we can provide a commercial blender for professional Margaritas, Daiquiris, and Pina Coladas.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Service:

Our staff is happy to serve any kind of beverage at your event, including sodas, juices, and smoothies.  We can recommend fun beverages for age or group.

Juices and Mocktails: From basic fresh fruit juices to a dazzling variety of mocktails, we can add some fun to any event.  We can suggest plenty of different non-alcoholic beverages to fit any theme.

Italian Sodas: Our Italian Sodas are always popular, and offer an elegant option for non-drinking guests.  We offer dozens of different flavors, from pomegranate and mango to hazelnut and amaretto.  They can be the perfect addition to your reception, open house, or any other event.

Smoothies: Fruit smoothies can add enjoyment to any summer gathering.  Our staff can help suggest a variety of blended beverages to fit your event.

Sodas and water: This is our basic non-alcoholic beverage service.  We can provide these for any event, either as a separate service or in conjunction with an alcoholic beverage bar.