Liquor Laws & Policies

Utah Liquor Laws – Our Policies

Utah’s liquor laws are often difficult to decipher, and are notorious nation-wide. Let us help make your event a success by ensuring that it is within full compliance of Utah laws and regulations.

Licensing and Liability: Our Company is in Full compliance with the State of Utah. We maintain up to date licensing and insurance, including liquor liability – a requirement by most venues in the state.

Bartender Certification: All of our staff are TIPS or SMART certified, as required to serve alcohol within the State of Utah. Aside from this certification, we also take great strides to ensure that all of our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable.

Bartender Responsibilities: Our professional bartenders will do everything within their abilities to ensure that your event runs smoothly and without incident. However, not all guests are equally responsible. Please be aware that our staff will stop alcohol service to any guests that are showing signs of intoxication. Our staff will not serve minors (even in a private home) and will ask for ID as they deem necessary.

Bacchus Event Services Policies

Deposit: All events require a non-refundable $50 deposit in order to reserve our services.

Payment Due Date: The balance of the invoice shall be paid not later than 10 days prior to the event if paying by check, or no later than 8 days if paying by credit card.  If the full amount is not received by this time, Bacchus will not guarantee the availability of their services.

Changes: Any changes made within 8 days of the event requiring additional supplies may incur an additional $30 procurement fee.  No refunds will be given for changes resulting in a reduction of supplies within 8 days of the event, or after payment has been made in full.

Availability of Food: The client agrees to arrange for food to be available to guests throughout the entire time alcohol is served. Failure to do so will result in the stoppage of service of alcoholic beverages.

Procurement of Alcohol: All alcohol purchased on behalf of the client shall be considered as property of the client, and non-refundable. Any leftover alcohol must be removed from event location upon completion of service by Bacchus. Bacchus requests that all of the leftover alcohol be sent with a single designated individual. Distribution of leftover alcohol to departing guests by the event organizer is not allowed at most venues. Arrangements may be made in advance for Bacchus to return the remaining alcohol to their office where the client can pick it up at a later date.

Responsibilities and Violations: All alcohol must have been purchased in the State of Utah in order to be served, per state law. All alcohol served at the event must be served by our bartenders. Our bartenders will not serve any person under the age of 21 or any guest unable to present identification showing that they are at least 21 years of age. Our bartenders will stop alcohol service to any guest who is showing signs of intoxication or has consumed what the bartender determines to be an excessive amount of alcohol.  Any violation in these conditions may result in closure of the bar. There will be no refund issued to the client for closing the bar early as a result of these violations.